New Member Information


Welcome! As a new member, you'll get a chance to become more involved in the Brookings-Harbor community and to provide aid to other parts of the world through the opportunities that your local Rotary club and Rotary International offer.

The Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor a member of District 5110 which encompasses over 70 clubs in Southern and Central Oregon along with parts of Northern California. Individual members or "Rotarians" belong to each club. The club is where most of Rotarian's meaningful service work is carried out. Clubs can be engaged, not only in their communities, but also internationally.

Rotary International was founded February 23, 1905 and now has grown to over 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide.

The Rotary Motto is "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"

To belong to the Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor, you will need to be recommended or "proposed" by a current club member. The board and club members, after following the membership guidelines for consideration, will invite you to become an official "Rotarian". The dues range from $180 to $360 per year, of which, a portion is used to support District and Rotary International and the remainder stays locally to benefit the goals of the Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor and the community.

As a Rotarian, you are asked to attend the weekly lunch meetings held on Tuesdays from noon to 1pm and participate in supporting the club through weekly raffles and events. If you are unable to make a regular weekly meeting, make-up meetings are offered in various manners - in person, online, or by visiting another clubs meeting!

Further, you are asked to participate in the community and in the club events and fundraisers to help meet the needs of the Local and World Service Projects. Volunteer your time or donate money or both! Either way you will find that you will benefit greatly from your contributions and so will many others.

And most importantly, as a member of Rotary you are expected to uphold the Four Way Test and represent Rotary at your very best.


  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

What is Rotary?

Rotary JOINS LEADERS from all continents, cultures and occupations.

Rotary EXCHANGES IDEAS by bringing our expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Rotary TAKES ACTION to bring lasting change to communities around the world.

Rotary encourages active members of the community to JOIN as LEADERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, and TAKE ACTION.

Guiding Principles

Learn More about Rotary:IsRotaryForMe

Why Join Rotary?

  1. Friendship. In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friends and fellowship. It is one of the two reasons why Rotary began in 1905.
  2. Business Development. The second original reason for Rotary’s beginning. Everyone needs to network. Rotary consists of a cross section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help one another, and collectively help others.
  3. Personal Growth and Development. Membership in Rotary continues one’s growth and education in human relations and personal development.
  4. Leadership Development. Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education in Leadership: learning how to motivate, influence and lead leaders.
  5. Citizenship in the Community. Membership in a Rotary club makes one a better community citizen. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of any community.
  6. Continuing Education. Each week at Rotary there is a program designed to keep one informed as to what is going on in the community, nation and world. Different speakers, different topics.
  7. Fun. Rotary is fun. A lot of fun. Each meeting is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun.
  8. Public Speaking Skills. Many an individual who joined Rotary was afraid to speak in public. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public communication. And opportunity.
  9. Citizenship in the World. Every Rotarian wears a pin that says: “Rotary International.” And every Rotarian is welcome – even encouraged to attend – at 29,000 clubs in 195 nations and geographical regions. There are few places on the globe which do not have a Rotary club. Instant friends in both one’s own community and in the world community.
  10. Assistance when Traveling. Because there are Rotary clubs everywhere, many a Rotarian who has needed a doctor, lawyer, hotel, dentist, advice, etc., while traveling has found same quickly through Rotary.
  11. Entertainment. Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities which provide diversion in one’s business life. Rotary has conference, conventions, assemblies and institutes which provide entertainment in addition to Rotary information, education and service.
  12. The Development of Social Skills. Every week and at various events and functions, Rotary develops one’s personality, social and people skills. Rotary is for people who like people, or who want to.
  13. Family Programs. Rotary provides one of the world’s largest youth exchange programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians; spouse clubs and programs, and a host of activities designed to assist family members in growth and the development of family values.
  14. Vocational Skills. Every Rotarian is expected to take a part in the growth and development of his or her own profession or vocation; to serve on committees and to teach youth about one’s job or vocation. Rotary helps to make one a better doctor, lawyer, teacher (or whatever one does for a living) etc.
  15. The Development of Ethics. Rotarians practice a 4-Way Test which governs one’s ethical standards. Rotarians are expected to be ethical in business and personal relationships.
  16. Cultural Awareness. Around the world, practically every religion, country, culture, race, creed, political persuasion, language, color and ethnic identity is found in Rotary. It is a cross section of the world’s most prominent citizens from every background. Rotarians become aware of other cultures and learn to love and work with people everywhere. They become better citizens of their countries in the process.
  17. Prestige. Rotary members are prominent people: leaders of business, the professions, art, government, sports, military, religion and all disciplines. Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club in the world. Its ranks are executives, managers, professionals: people who make decisions and influence policy. Not everyone is invited to join Rotary.
  18. Nice People. Rotarians above all are nice people; the nicest people on the face of the earth. They are important people who adhere to the policy that while it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice.
  19. The Absence of “official creed. Rotary has no secret handshake, no secret policy, no official creed, no secret meeting or rituals. It is an open society – of men and women who simply believe in helping others.
  20. The Opportunity to Serve. Rotary is a service club. Its business is mankind; its product is service. Rotarians provide community service – to both the local and international communities. This is the best reason perhaps for becoming a Rotarian: the chance to do something for somebody else. And to sense the self-fulfillment which comes in the process. And the return to one’s own life. Rotarians believe in “SERVICE ABOVE SELF.”

Membership in the Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor is by invitation. If you are interested in learning more, please ask a current member or visit and

Click here for PDF copy of Why Join Rotary?


Invite friends, co-workers and colleagues to join you as your guest at a weekly Rotary meeting or to get involved with a club activity or service project.

Proposing new members is essential to achieving Rotary's goals of providing community and International service. As a Rotarian, one of your primary responsibilities is to help identify and propose new members.

memberbrochure h250Contribute to the Rotary Club of Brookings-Harbor by bringing in qualified business and professional leaders who are interested in and committed to advancing the mission of Rotary. You can help us fully represent your community's business and professional life.

Use the form below to propose a new member.  You'll be strengthening your club and ensuring its growth and longevity.  Do it today!

Attracting Prospective Members
Consider these approaches for attracting prospective members:

  • Hand out a Rotary Brochures How to Propose a New Member Form
  • Encourage prospective members to tour the this website and the Rotary International website
  • Invite prospective members to a club activity or a service project and a luncheon or two

Identifying Qualified Candidates
Qualified candidates for Rotary membership are adults of good character and good business and professional reputation, who held or have held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession.

Types of Membership
There are two types of Rotary club membership, active and honorary:

  • Active members must meet the above qualifications as well as live or work within the club's locality or surrounding area.
  • Honorary members have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and are considered friends of Rotary for their permanent support of Rotary's cause.

Each active member of a Rotary club is classified according to the member's business or profession.  A classification describes either the principal and recognized activity of the firm with which an active member is connected or the member's principal and recognized business or professional activity.

Proposing a New Member
Once it becomes clear that the prospective member is interested in membership:

  • Complete Part A of the How to Propose a New Member Form and return the form to your club secretary, treasurer, or membership committee member for submission to the board of directors. Remember, don't inform a prospective member of the proposal until after the board approves it.
  • Wait for the club secretary to notify you of the board's decision, which should come within 30 days of the submission.

After the board approves the candidate

  • Arrange an information session for the proposed member - a Membership Committee member can help you with this
  • Ask the proposed member to complete and sign Part B of the How to Propose a New Member Form.
  • The proposed member's name and classification will be published in the weekly bulletin for two weeks running.  Club members may consider and file objections, if any within those 14 days.
  • If no objections are received, the proposed member must pay the admission fee and becomes a Rotarian!!  Welcome your new member!